ebike rental

Extremadura (Spain)


Bikes at Forest put at your disposal a high-end bicycles fleet to make sure you enjoy Extremadura (Spain).

We put at your disposal a prodigy of technology: the new Specialized Turbo Levo FSR Comp Carbon. With a silent assisted pedalling that will make you forget you are riding a bike of this type. With it you have the possibility to ride on more trails, to climb to the top to make exciting descents, in short, this is what we offer you: FUN.

If you like going further, going faster and enjoy the best trails in Extremadura, thanks to our rental service you can rent a dreamlike bike to ride those paths a little faster to the top and then enjoy exciting descents.

Our bicycles are efficient, respectful with the environment and, of course, they are also very funny.


So you know! If you are new to eBikes and want to experience how fun they are or maybe you have already enjoyed the incredible adventures that eBikes can bring, thanks to Bikes at Forest you can extend your pedaling power and increase your fun