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If you are one of those people who enjoy contemplating the landscapes that draw the mountains, you are passionate about travelling trails and discover new places using mountain biking as a means of transport. We invite you to come with us.

The trip has only just begun...


What are Bikes At Forest?

We are an agency of routes and trips by mountain bike. Our field of work is focused on the unique natural regions that the north of Extremadura has: La Vera, Valle del Ambroz, Las Hurdes and Sierra de Gata.

What do we offer?

Adventures and bike trips for small groups, with local guides that allow us to give a personalized and quality treatment. Our speciality is trail and all mountain routes, but we are open to all proposals that the client make us arrive. We want your bike holidays spain to be unique; where the protagonists are the singletracks, the bicycle and you. We provide you from one-day routes and high-end e-bikes to a complete "all-inclusive" Holidays in spain.

Bike Holidays Spain

Bike, bike, bike and more bike. Discovering new trails, go down and up trails, be amazed by landscapes, listen to the mountain, feel the crunching of the wheels on the singletracks, ride until you fall exhausted. Knowing, travel, learn and live. Live a lot and when everything is over, start again.


Nuestro equipo está formado por entusiastas de la montaña, en general, y del mountain bike, en particular. Bikes at forest nace de la pasión e ilusión por dar a conocer los magníficos paisajes, cultura y gastronomía de España en Extremadura a través de la bicicleta de montaña.

Creator of Bikes at forest and responsible for the project. Forest engineer and mountain bike guide. He has been biking and exploring over 20 years through the mountains of Extremadura, mapping and recovering trails for the practice of MTB.

bike holidays spain

Paco García

Our photographer and filmmaker. His fingers, more than in the handle of the brakes are in the shutter of the camera to capture the essence of our routes.

Carlos Calatayud

Carlos Calatayud

Our most international guide has spent last years travelling around the planet with his mountain bike in search of the best spots and singletracks. His huge experience will make you feel at home.

Roberto Amador

Roberto Amador

A biologist by profession, he currently resides in Edinburgh. Passionate about the bicycle and tireless traveller, he has travelled most of Europe with his bicycle and the best spots in Scotland. His enormous experience in bycicle touring and his skills as a guide will make you feel safe with him.

Pablo García

Pablo García

Let yourself be guided, join us!

Our values

Respect for nature

The mountains are our natural habitat, and therefore they need all our respect. We make our contribution through maintenance work on the trails, this is another of our great passions: we enjoy equally with the bicycle and with the chainsaw.


We naturally can not conceive mountain biking without friends. Thanks to the mountain bike we have found the best friends with whom we have shared the best moments of our life. The trails are the meeting point of love and passion for the mountain. This is what we want you to feel when you ride with us!


We have always defended the most playful and recreational vision of mountain biking. We understand the bicycle as synonymous of fun, and this is what we have been doing since we started on the mountain bike with our first mountain bikes at the beginning of the 90s. That is the essence of this sport, instead of being the fastest one or compete against the clock.


From our "Bike Adventures" weekend, where you will enjoy going down a select network of singletracks, to our week-long "Bike Tours" that are authentic crossings of destinations yet to be discovered. You choose the destination and duration according to your needs.


We put at your disposal a prodigy of technology: the new Specialized Turbo Levo FSR Comp Carbon. With a silent assisted pedalling that will make you forget you are riding a bike of this type. With it you have the possibility to ride on more trails, to climb to the top to make exciting descents, in short, this is what we offer you: FUN.

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