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Transnorte Extremadura
Bike Tours

Duration 8 days
Distance 243 km
Positive height 8730 m
Negative height 8735 m
Technical level
  • Easy
  • Medium
  • Difficult
  • Very difficult
Physical level
  • Easy
  • Medium
  • Difficult
  • Very difficult

What includes?

  • 6 days a pure mountain bike.
  • 7 nights in high-quality accommodation.
  • 7 breakfasts and 7 dinners and supplies complete on the route during the 6 days.
  • Accident insurance.
  • Mountain bike guide service
  • Transfer of luggage between accommodations
  • Support vehicle on the route.
  • Transfer from Madrid-Barajas airport
  • Transfer back to the airport.
  • High-quality photographic report.

  • General characteristics
  • Itinerary
  • Available dates
  • Physical/technical level
  • Logistics
  • Accommodation
  • Other activities
  • Frequent questions

The regions of La Vera, Valle del Jerte and Valle del Ambroz are the regions with the most vegetation in Extremadura. The key lies in its location and its numerous watercourses. If Nature is prodigal, landscapes must, of course, be splendid.

Nowadays, the enjoyment of those conditions makes this area a desired place. It is for active tourism in nature that, as we will see, can be mixed with a high degree of cultural tourism.

Highlights of the trip:

In addition to touring the spectacular trails that cross the green forests that characterise these natural regions of the Sierra de Gredos, we will enjoy a rich gastronomic and cultural heritage:

  • Enjoy the excellent local cuisine.
  • Stay at the best hotel establishments in the regions visited.
  • Learn how the world-famous "Pimentón de la Vera" is produced or how the well-known cherry from Valle del Jerte is grown.
  • Tour the streets of the picturesque villages of the Sierras of northern Extremadura, with its particular mountain architecture.
  • Visit places steeped in histories such as the Monastery of Yuste, Garganta la Olla and Plasencia.
  • Immerse yourself in the local lifestyle of the inhabitants of these mountains.

The Transnorte Extremadura is the crossing of the known as "Pirineo Extremeño" a region loaded with history and nature in abundance, due to the plenty of water, and that is what characterises this journey, the large number of gorges and high mountain fluvial courses that we will have the opportunity to know.

With a total distance of 243 kilometres, we cross all the regions from east to west, following the direction of the sun, to take better advantage of the daylight and let it illuminate its beautiful landscapes.

For six days we will obtain a cumulative positive elevation of 8,730 meters and then descend again. We start in a place full of history, in the Roman bridge of the Garganta de Alardos and we finish, once visited almost all the municipalities that make up the region of La Vera and Valle del Jerte, in the town of Casas del Monte, already in the Ambroz Valley. From here we will move to spend the last night in Plasencia, a charming city that requires a deserved gastronomic and cultural visit.

  • Stage 1: Garganta de Alardos Bridge - Madrigal de la Vera - Losar de la Vera.
  • Stage 2: Losar de la Vera - Jarandilla de la Vera.
  • Stage 3: Jarandilla de la Vera - Jaraíz de la Vera.
  • Stage 4: Jaraíz de la Vera - Gargüera
  • Stage 5: Barrado - Jerte
  • Stage 6: Jerte - Casas del Monte

The trails of our tour are ancient and ancestral communication routes. Therefore, we will find different surfaces, from forest tracks with a varied combination of pavements, to the narrowest trails with rocks and roots that will require all your skills as a mountain biker. Regularly, we make the ascents by forest track and the sections of descent by footpath.

  • 21 - 27 October 2018
  • 8 - 14 April 2018
  • 23 - 29 September 2018

To make the crossing in conditions of safety and comfort, both individually and collectively, requires an excellent physical and technical condition, for this we put all our efforts to organise groups with a similar level.

Keep in mind that the level of skill required reflects an overall rating of the tour, but you should consider that we will find specific sections and obstacles that will increase the level of difficulty, both physical and technical.

To do this during the booking process, through the form that must complement, we will determine your needs, and in this way, we make sure that we put you in a group according to your physical and technical level. The maximum number of members of the group will be five bikers plus a guide, in addition to the support vehicle.

Your trip will start on day one at the Madrid airport (Adolfo Suarez / Madrid-Barajas). Our guide will meet you at the arrival area of ​​the Madrid Airport, where you will be waiting for you with a "Transnorte Extremadura - Bikes at Forest" sign.

Upon arrival, we will transfer you by private transport to our first location in Madrigal de la Vera, 2 hours by car from the airport. Madrigal de la Vera is the natural entrance in the region of La Vera and the southern slope of the Sierra de Gredos.

We ask you, if possible, that the arrival in Madrid is not later than 2:00 p.m. on the first day and that you organise the flights with arrival at the airport before 1:00 p.m.

If for reasons of flight you arrive the day before to Madrid, you must manage the accommodation on your own, however, if you wish we can advise you on housing and cultural activities in the city of Madrid.

The trip will end at the Madrid airport on the 8th midmorning.

If you wish to extend your trip to Spain, please contact us, and we will put all our good work in organising you an excellent stay.

One of the main characteristics that differentiate this mountain bike trip through the north of Extremadura is the quality and personalised treatment of the accommodations we use. Ideally, after a great day of mountain biking, the accommodation offers all possible comforts to make you feel at home, a place to relax and rest.

All the accommodations we use are served by families from the regions we cross, they know the culture and cuisine of the place perfectly and will know better than anyone how to show it to us. We have spent a lot of time researching these regions to select the most comfortable and authentic accommodation in each area, and we have carefully planned the itinerary to be able to incorporate them.

Another high point of our adventure is the excellent cuisine, which you can enjoy in each town along the entire itinerary. Therefore, we encourage you to taste the local cuisine, based on local foods. However, there is also the option of ordering more recognisable simple dishes.

Our tour is planned to spend the whole morning and in some stages, part of the afternoon, riding a bicycle. We think that at the end of each stage we will dedicate time to relax, to visit places of cultural interest in the regions we are going to cross. At the end of the afternoon, next to some beers, we will carry out a briefing of the stage of the following day.

However, the regions of La Vera and Valle del Jerte have an excellent range of active tourism activities; Ask us for the possibility of organising an activity such as canoes or canyoning.

What are the characteristics of the members of the group?

We only organise trips for small groups, the maximum number of people allowed for this trip is 5 and the minimum group 3.

The itinerary planned so that it can be carried out successfully by bikers between 30 and 50 years of age, although we think that age is a state of mind more than anything else! Therefore we welcome anyone over 18 years old, as long as they have a reasonable physical level and a proper technique on the bicycle.

Who will guide us?

Our mountain bike guides are local Extremadura and experienced professionals who have a real passion for mountain biking and the culture and landscape of northern Extremadura. For them, their safety and that they enjoy the tour to the fullest is their number one priority. They will always be at your disposal to answer any question or request you may have during your trip.

What is the daily schedule?

We start every day around 9:00 and we will be riding a bicycle around 5 hours. The driving times are approximate and depend on the level of the group, and we can extend the time to 6-7 hours. Depending on the length of the itinerary, we will have lunch at the same or just after.

Do we have to take all our equipment with us?

No, the support vehicle will move your luggage to the next accommodation so that you have everything ready on arrival. You only have to carry a hydration backpack with a 2-litre bag, with the necessary kit that you take in it when you go out to ride. That is an essential toolkit, lubricant, spare parts, mobile phone and documentation with a phone number to call in case of emergency.

What clothes and equipment should I bring?

The diurnal and nocturnal temperatures vary a lot in this area of ​​Spain, so you should have several layers of breathable clothing to ensure that you are always well adapted to the ambient temperature. You should also wear cycling shorts, gloves, shoes, helmet, glasses, knee pads and sunscreen. Read the complete list of kits to find out what you need to prepare your luggage according to the weather station.

Clothing recommendation for fall and spring:

  • Base layer: light technical shirt (not cotton) (long or short sleeve).
  • Summer gloves.
  • Long-sleeved cycling shirt
  • Shorts or baggy.
  • Long socks.
  • Oilskin.
  • After riding: some shirts, sweatshirts, pants, and some jacket.

Winter clothing recommendation:

  • Base layer: lightweight technical shirt (not cotton) with long sleeves.
  • Winter gloves
  • Long-sleeved cycling shirt
  • Shorts or baggy.
  • Long socks.
  • Soft Soft-Shell jacket.
  • Oilskin.
  • After riding clothes: some shirts, sweatshirts, pants, and a winter jacket.

What kind of mountain bike is best for the trip?

A mountain bike of good quality of total suspension with suspension travel between 130-160 mm will be ideal for this itinerary. We also recommend that you bring tubeless tires or tubelized cameras, the perfect measure is 2.3 or 2.4. Even make sure that the bicycle is in excellent mechanical condition, as well as a proper suspension adjustment.

What meals included in the tour price?

All breakfasts and dinners included in the tour price. Lunch is for each participant

How is the weather in this area of Spain?

The climate in this area has a marked Atlantic influence. The maximum and minimum temperatures are softer than it would correspond to its latitude, this fact is due in large part to the mountains that in winter shelter from the north winds and in summer refresh the strong daytime insolation with gentle breezes that flow from the high from the mountains to the valleys.

Do you have more questions?

Send us an email to: info@bikesatforest.com